Dolores 'Dee' Williams

Dolores “Dee” Williams is known to many as a great cook. She can make the best meal that you have ever tasted out of the condiments in her home any day of the week. Dee never followed a recipe unless she is making her classic creamy smooth cheesecake. During the mid to late 1980’s Dee explored entrepreneurship by selling her quality cheesecake to her co-workers at holiday time. It was a hit! Almost everyone that tastes her creamy cheesecake say that they have never tasted a cheesecake quite like Dee’s cheesecake! However the challenge of raising seven children, working, and meeting the high demand for Dee’s cheesecake she decided not to pursue her business.


Seannee Harris

Dee’s creamy cheesecake continued to be a special request for family and friends through the years. But it was her youngest child, Seannee, who suggested that her Mom should continue to share her unique quality cheesecake with the rest of the world. Because Seannee's husband completely supports her dreams and she thrives off of the free spirit of her children that gave her the courage to start her own business. Seanneé founded Deescakes Incorporated in December 2007.


Seanneé has been taught by her Mom who has meticulously shown her how to perfect the classic cheesecake. Seanneé is driven to making Dee’s extremely creamy cheesecake a business success by putting a new face on traditional quality cheesecake and making Deescakes a household name. Anything is possible!


The team at Deescakes